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Wounded Warrior Project

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Pete's Payback - Referral Rewards
This is an opportunity to help a tennis friend or acquaintance by referring them to us and rewarding yourself, while helping us continue to do what we do.

If you do so you can choose from one of the following for each referral, not receiving the same reward more than once. If you provide over three referrals, then we will discuss with you a reward of greater value than any of these item's value at the time of confirmation of the referral. Referrals are only qualified if they purchase Web Sites for Teaching Tennis Pros or Web Sites for Tennis Team Captains.

20% of the Value of Their Purchase (Monies will be sent in U.S. dollars via e-mail using PayPal.)

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Additional Year of Web Site Support (The first year is already included with your web site.)

There is a way for your referral to let us know when they begin their web site via the Baseline Info form and of course you can contact us to let us know after your friend or acquaintance tells you they have purchased.

We'll treat the latter as bona fide in most cases, but we will need to contact the new web site owner/referral if they haven't informed us and you do so after they have launched or announced their site publicly.

So help a friend and Tennis and we will reward you.

We thank you.