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Long Sleeve T-Shirts

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You can customize your tennis t-shirts in three different ways, illustrating or saying just about anything you want about your tennis world or that of a friend, your family or your team. We have plenty of examples to help you get the ball moving.

There are three simple steps:

1. Tell us how to customize your logo. (A form will open in a new window or tab.)
2. Order the items you want customized.
3. We'll provide you with a proof of your logo and get busy creating your order and getting it to you. We will hold your logo on file to save you time and money on future purchases.

Important! You can assign one (1) Customized logo and/or up to three (3) Personalized BabyTalk logos to any number of products per order. If you have more than one order and we can save on shipping costs, we will refund you the savings.

The tennis ball character image, Otto, is a registered trademark, not public domain and is not to be copied, used or reproduced in any manner or fashion without the consent of Tennis or the trademark owner.
Long Sleeve T-Shirts
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Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirts
Customized Adult (UniSex) Long Sleeve Tennis T-Shirt

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Ladies Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirts
Customized Ladies Long Sleeve Crewneck Tennis T-Shirt