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Stand-alone Logos

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This is a service which allows you to create your own logo without having to purchase any of our clothing or accessories.

This is a great way to put a stamp on your tennis team, teaching pro business, tournament, tennis academy or camp, event or whatever if you don't have your own logo or if it is not as cool as Otto, our mascot.

Your logo will be large enough for you to use on clothing, but you can easily adjust these for print on business cards, flyers, your web site, etc.

You will be licensed to use the logo we create for you in any fashion you desire as long as the only modification you make is by changing the dimensions of the logo proportionally.

Check out just a few of our samples at Customized and Personalized Logo Samples.

Gift Certificates are available here.

The tennis ball character image, Otto, is a registered trademark, not public domain and is not to be copied, used or reproduced in any manner or fashion without the consent of Tennis or the trademark owner.
Stand-alone Logos
Stand-alone Logo Image

Stand-alone Logo
Create a Tennis Logo for Your Own Use