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Terms of Agreement - Web Sites for Tennis Captains
"Site" within this document refers to the Blogger site we will design for you, whether or not you are the administrator, controller of such.
"Support" within this document refers to the assistance we will provide you regarding your Site.

Currently, all support, assistance and communications, whether spoken, written or otherwise conveyed, is in the English language; however, our support web site has a translate feature for over 70 languages.

Although the Site will become and remain yours, you as an individual, entity or otherwise, using our services, agree to the following in order for us to provide support, tips and advice free for the first year after you are invited to take control of your site:

1. To retain and maintain, on your Site, "Brought to you by Tennis" and associated link as provided, in the left of right column, with related link being active and working.
2. To retain and maintain, on your Site, "Brought to you by Tennis" and associated link as provided, at near-bottom location, with related link being active and working.
3. To not display, publish or make available on the Internet, via your Site, language, content, images, videos, typographical characters, which are sexually descriptive, pornographic, salacious, malicious or those which convey hatred,
or provide or display links, hyperlinks or Internet addresses to other URLS or Web sites which provide same.

Although the Site will become and remain yours, if you fail to do any of the above for the first year, we reserve the right to end Support for your Site.

If you fail to adhere to Item 3 above, we also reserve the right to request you to remove the Tennis phrases and associated links from your Site and you must do so.

Images provided to you as part of your Site are the property of Tennis, including backgrounds and other images, are not to be transferred, copied or duplicated in any fashion except where and when permission to do so is explicitly given in writing.

If you share, transfer or aid in the property and intellectual rights, the work, design or services we provide to and share with you, being transferred or given, in any fashion, via any media or communication, to any other party, non-paying or otherwise, we may pursue legal action using international, federal, state and/or local laws.

Those you wish (team members and guests) to be able to utilize your web site will need to establish a Google account. Examples of Google service accounts which potential users may already have are Google Chrome, YouTube, Gmail, Picasa, Google+ and others.

We, not unlike other providers of web services, are doing our best to ensure our third-party applications, and those you may choose on your own, interface or work with our designs and web platforms, particularly those involving mobile devices. We are providing and will continue to provide the means for you to employ such apps with little effort, but we do not guarantee such will occur without fault, again, particularly with mobile devices.

You will be responsible for maintaining the necessary communications with and the requirements set forth by (a free service). cannot be held responsible for the performance of the services or products provided by

Otherwise, we look forward to providing you with the support and service you need in order to have a productive, enjoyable and rewarding experience with and Web Sites for Tennis Captains as we continue to grow our and your tennis community.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at

Updated February 8, 2015 - Tennis